Game Pitch Challenge At West Coventry Academy

I attended West Coventry Academy to represent Sumo Digital. I helped run a game pitch day with some colleagues.

Published on July 13, 2022 by Amy Elliott

Volunteering Running A Workshop Sumo Digital

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Code Workshop

Game Pitch Challenge

Event Report

I helped out with the SUMO Game Pitch Challenge at West Coventry Academy alongside Ahead Partnership!

There were 10 volunteers from Sumo Digital Ltd / Lab42 Games / Sumo Leamington, and a year group of around 120 Year 8 students!

We ran workshops in Code, Art, Design, and Audio. Me and 2 colleagues were running the Code workshop, where we had to help students debug a Python game with lots of intentional bugs!

There was also a game pitch challenge throughout the rest of the day where all the students got together and pitched a game, and drew up ideas in their own teams!

There were some amazing ideas from the students, they all did a really great job!

Bullet list in the post will look like:

  • 94% said taking part helped them think about their goals after school
  • 93% increased their knowledge about technology and digital
  • 93% developed their creative-thinking and design skills
  • 82% increased their optimism and excitement about the world of work and their options after school