Hi, I am Amy Elliott

I'm a Gameplay Programmer!

Unannounced Game

Worked on the gameplay programming team to help create an exciting new game!

Developed by: Sumo Leamington


Placement Programmer

  • Worked and maintained the AI in the game, as one of the main AI programmers
  • Worked on many unannounced, but awesome gameplay mechanics! - Hopefully I can share more of this later!
  • Worked closely with the analytics team to implement analytics events

OldSchool RuneScape

Worked on the engine team to support the operation and on-going enhancement of the RuneScape engine and associated systems.

Developed by: Jagex

17th August, 2021

Intern Game Engine Developer

  • Worked on developing client server architecture
  • Learnt about what it's like working on a live MMORPG
  • Learnt about how engine programming works and what engines are like under the hood
  • Went on multiple livestreams with large audiences

Unannounced MMORPG

Worked on the gameplay programming for an Unannounced Triple-A MMORPG in pre-production & implemented some core gameplay mechanics.

Developed by: Jagex

17th July, 2021

Intern Gameplay Programmer

  • Implemented core gameplay mechanics for MMORPGs
  • Used Unreal Engine & C++ to learn the best industry practices
  • Wrote code using networking & replication
  • Worked with different diciplines on the development team

Planesman Trainer

A submarine simulator game which was made for the Royal Navy's recruitment events

Developed by: Team Submariner

9th April, 2021

Lead Programmer

  • Programmed a majority of the main game systems
    • Worked on the periscope camera and the implementation
    • Helped my teammates learn how to use Unity and C# so no one was left hanging without a task
  • Worked on finding assets and royalty-free materials to use for the environment

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