Amy Elliott

Gameplay Programmer

United Kingdom






Atlassian Tools

Integrated Development Environments:

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code

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Paint Tool Sai

Video Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Sony Vegas Pro

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3DS Max


Music Software:

FMOD Studio


Honours & Awards

The gameHERS - Rising Star Award (2022)

Dec 2022

I've been nominated for the GameHERS Rising Star award. I got to the Finalist position.

She Plays Games 100

Jan 2022 / Sumo Digital

I've been nominated by Sumo Digital for the She Plays Games 100 awards.

Women In Games - Rising Star Award

Jan 2022 / Sumo Digital

I've been nominated by Sumo Digital for the Woman In Games' Rising Star Award.

The gameHERS - Rising Star Award (2021)

Dec 2021

I've been nominated for the gameHERS Rising Star award. I got to the Finalist position.


Hi! My name is Amy, and I’m a programmer based in the UK! I love playing and making video games and recently entering the games industry has only increased my interest in games development.
I’m a big fan of technical and creative experimentation, and I do this by participating in gamejams and small projects in my spare time. With these small projects and gamejams, I try out as many different things as I can, including developing games from genres I’ve not made games for before and pushing my creativity (both technical and artistic) as far as possible.
I love learning new things, from game engines and programming all the way to maths and fun projects using an Arduino.
A goal of mine is to try and get younger and diverse people interested in games development and to achieve this, I’ve mentored students to help them develop games, been into high schools to talk to students about the games industry, and I’ve also appeared as a panelist in a few live streams, like the Women in Games Expo.
Another goal of mine is to try and bring more accessibility to video games, to support people with different disabilities as I believe there is currently a lack of accessible video games and accessories.

Project Highlights

Unannounced Game

Worked on the gameplay programming team to help create an exciting new game!

Developed by: Sumo Leamington


Placement Programmer

  • Worked and maintained the AI in the game, as one of the main AI programmers
  • Worked on many unannounced, but awesome gameplay mechanics! - Hopefully I can share more of this later!
  • Worked closely with the analytics team to implement analytics events

OldSchool RuneScape

Worked on the engine team to support the operation and on-going enhancement of the RuneScape engine and associated systems.

Developed by: Jagex

17th August, 2021

Intern Game Engine Developer

  • Worked on developing client server architecture
  • Learnt about what it's like working on a live MMORPG
  • Learnt about how engine programming works and what engines are like under the hood
  • Went on multiple livestreams with large audiences

Unannounced MMORPG

Worked on the gameplay programming for an Unannounced Triple-A MMORPG in pre-production & implemented some core gameplay mechanics.

Developed by: Jagex

17th July, 2021

Intern Gameplay Programmer

  • Implemented core gameplay mechanics for MMORPGs
  • Used Unreal Engine & C++ to learn the best industry practices
  • Wrote code using networking & replication
  • Worked with different diciplines on the development team

Planesman Trainer

A submarine simulator game which was made for the Royal Navy's recruitment events

Developed by: Team Submariner

9th April, 2021

Lead Programmer

  • Programmed a majority of the main game systems
    • Worked on the periscope camera and the implementation
    • Helped my teammates learn how to use Unity and C# so no one was left hanging without a task
  • Worked on finding assets and royalty-free materials to use for the environment

Work Experience

Sumo Digital

Junior Programmer

Aug 2022 - Present

Placement Programmer

Aug 2021 - Aug 2022

I worked on an unannounced game in Unity using C#.

Altered Gene

Freelance Programmer

July 2022 - Present

I'm currently working on programming for multiple internal game projects.
Altered Gene is a remote development studio headquartered in the UK. Our mission is to craft omni-channel games and experiences using the core pillars of story, quality, and accessibility.


Game Enginner Intern

May 2021 - Aug 2021

My Runescape Wiki Page | My Old School Runescape Wiki Page
Worked on Programming for MMORPGs in pre-production, and live products in a Triple-A Industry environment.

Game Dev London

Host & Producer

Feb 2021 - Present

Managing, creating, and hosting the content, production, and delivery of podcasts. The Game Dev London Podcast aims to support the UK games industry with knowledge and stories.

Game Development Mentoring

Freelance Mentoring

Sept 2021 - Present

I've been mentoring a student to teach them about Game Development, from making a game design document all the way to finishing up a game which they've designed!

Submarine Simulator for The Royal Navy

Lead Programmer

Dec 2020 - Apr 2021

Worked on a University project in collaboration with The Royal Navy to produce a submarine simulator for recruitment events

Commission Work

Freelance Artist

Aug 2020 - Present

Worked with clients to produce character designs and illustrative pieces.

CeX Ltd.

Retail Sales Assistant

Jun 2018 - May 2021

I worked as an on-the-floor sales assistant. I was responsible for on-the-spot testing for customers’ phones and games consoles and offering to purchase the device.


Computer Games Technology

University of Portsmouth
2020 - Present

Bachelor of Science

Games Development

Northbrook Metropolitan College
2018 - 2019

UAL Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media